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AgLogic Chemical, LLC, an affiliate of MEY Corporation, holds the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration for AgLogic 15G brand aldicarb pesticide. The company is planning to return aldicarb to the market for the 2016 growing season. ​AgLogic 15G will be manufactured in the U.S. and marketed, sold and stewarded by AgLogic Chemical, LLC.

MEYCorp's newest affiliate is HALO Professional Products. HALO will serve the specialty, environmental science and professional markets. With several registrations underway and many other products in development, HALO Professional Products is an exciting new affiliate in MEY Corporation's expanding company portfolio.

MEYCorp's herbicide portfolio includes a premium line of glyphosate based products. We also market non-glyphosate herbicides that are proven industry standards. Each formulation is custom tailored for specific crop protection challenges with key additives for optimum product performance.

We also offer a line of glyphosate technical products for custom formulation. Our technical products are available in a variety of packaging options so buyers can minimize distribution, storage and logistics costs.

Our raw materials, inerts and active ingredients are carefully selected to meet or exceed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. MEYCorp's product portfolio along with our global network of exclusive supplier relationships enables us to deliver premium crop protection materials at competitive prices.

   In the field or on the books, our goal is to help you achieve:    "Maximum Economic Yield"

MEY Corporation is a global supplier of premium quality MEYCHEM ™  generic and proprietary crop protection materials. "MEY" defines our mission:  Helping you achieve

"Maximum Economic Yield"