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MEY Corp Announces a new 1.8 lb Fomesafen for 2012
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MEY Corp Receives Registration for 2 technical sources in Canada.
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MEY Corporation is a supplier of premium quality, MEYCHEM™ generic and proprietary agricultural products. The acronym MEY is derived from our mission, which is to help our customers achieve their "Maximum Economic Yield.”

"Maximum Economic Yield" is the key to long term profitability and sustainability.

Product Spotlights
Supreme Gro is a balanced, nutritional, complex foliar fertilizer. Supreme Gro promotes: overall plant health; increased vigor; early harvest; higher yields; greater fruit quality; higher cost-benefit relationship; and, increases plant tolerance to adverse conditions. Learn more.

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GlySupreme Plus Concentrate™ is a broad spectrum, post emergent, systemic herbicide with no soil residual activity. This 51% glyphosate herbicide allows for cost savings on packaging, storage, and logistics. Learn more.