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Q.  ​What is MEY Corporation?

A.   MEY Corporation was founded in 1993, and is a privately held North Carolina corporation headquartered in Chapel Hill, NC. that markets premium quality glyphosate formulations and technical glyphosate to the agricultural supply chain. MEY Corporation also markets other non-glyphosate generic and proprietary crop protection materials.

Q.  ​How do MEYCorp's generic glyphosate formulations compare to Roundup branded glyphosate?

A.  The U.S. Enivronmental Protection Agency (EPA) has thoroughly reviewed all MEYCorp glyphosate formulations and deemed them substantially similar to comparable Roundup branded glyphosate. 

Q.  Can MEYCorp's generic glyphosate products be used on Roundup Ready® crops?

A.  Yes. Consult and follow labeled directions.

​Q.  What is technical glyphosate and why do you offer it?

A.  MEYCorp offers technical glyposate in two different concentrations of active ingredient: 95% (dry) and 62% (liquid). It is shipped in bulk to qualified formulators where it can be further reacted, blended and packaged in various concentrations and formulations approved by the EPA.

Q.  Do you offer any other non-glyphosate products?

A.   Yes. MEYCorp has several formulations that include active ingredients such as dicamba and atrazine.

Q.  What is MEYCorp's affiliation with Ag Logic, LLC?

A.   Ag Logic is a division of MEY Corporation.

MEYCHEM Technical Dicamba