MEYCHEM Technical Dicamba


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• For aquatic environments
• 53.8% glyphosate
• Broad spectrum
• Non-selective
• No harm to fish or animals
• Various packaging options
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EPA REG #80967-5

GlySupreme Aquatic™ herbicide is formulated with 53.8% glyphosate. It is a broad spectrum, non-selective weed killer used in aquatic environments to control unwanted vegetation. GlySupreme Aquatic™ does NOT contain a surfactant. This product is safe to use in ponds, lakes and any other aquatic environments without harm to fish or animal life.

GlySupreme Aquatic™ is available in various package configurations. Typical pack sizes include 2x21/2 gallon cases, 30 gallons containers, 265 gallon totes and large bulk containers.

​GlySupreme Aquatic™ Glyphosate Herbicide