MEYCHEM Technical Dicamba


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• Excellent partner with glyphosate
• Broad spectrum
​• Multi-crop registrations
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T-Rex™ Dicamba DGA 4SC is a diglycolamine salt with an active ingredient of 58.2% dicamba. T-Rex™ DGA is an excellent partner with glyphosate in many cropping systems. T-Rex™ is used for weed control in corn, sorghum, small grains, pasture, hay, rangeland, general farmstead (non-cropland), fallow, sugarcane, asparagus, turf and grass seed crops.

​T-Rex™ DGA 4SC is available in 2x2.5 gallon cases, 265 gallon totes, or 30 gallon drums.
​T-Rex™ Dicamba DGA 4SC Agricultural Herbicide