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Wise Up Plus™ Glyphosate Herbicide
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EPA REG #80967-1

Wise Up™ Plus is a broad spectrum, general purpose, non-selective weed killer. It is a water soluble formulation of the active ingredient glyphosate, plus a surfactant which improves spray coverage and leaf penetration. It is our premium quality formulation of 41% glyphosate IPA salt. Wise Up™ Plus is registered for use on glyphosate tolerant crops. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  has thoroughly reviewed Wise Up™ Plus and found it to be essentially similar to Roundup® branded glyphosate.

Wise Up™ Plus is available in various package sizes. Typical pack sizes include 2x2 /2 gallon cases, 30 gallon containers, 265 gallon totes and large bulk containers.